Hello and welcome to the Mixed Reality Storytelling project website!

Mixed Reality Storytelling is a research project from the Mixed Reality Lab of the University of Nottingham. Its overall aim is to explore the ways by which contemporary technology has influenced our relationship with the material objects that surround us in our daily life.

In particular it focuses on the hobby of Miniature Wargaming. The wargaming community routinely records and shared information about the practices of the hobby, such as the details of their craft, the background stories of their models and armies and battle reports of their games and campaigns. This information is commonly formed into stories and narratives that are prized by the community.

The project aims to demonstrate how the use of carefully considered Internet of Things – inspired technologies, Computer Vision and social media platforms can support, expand and augment these practices without compromising the core practice. Through this webspace, which hosts the contributed Digital Records, and our public exhibits, we aim to demonstrate the results of our work and share the knowledge with all the communities that can potentially benefit from it.

Here you can find all the available information about the project, current exhibits, the underlying research and other related work.
More importantly you can browse the archive of stories that have been contributed!
The archive is the repository of Wargaming Miniature Digital Records that have been contributed by wargamers for the project and contains details about the craft of their miniatures, their background narratives and the tabletop battlefield exploits. Using contemporary technologies such Internet of Things -inspired tagging, we have helped wargamers create detailed digital records of their miniatures, up to and including high-quality 3D models using the latest in 3D scanning approaches.

We hope you enjoy your visit and help contribute to the growing repository!

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