The Project

What is it all about?

The project involves the development and deployments of technological showcases and exhibits that can demonstrate to the public, in interesting and engaging ways, the findings of the research. Furthermore it aims to provide the opportunity for interested individuals and parties to contribute to the knowledge repository of the Footprint Archive and for generalisation of the concepts and technologies to other contexts beyond wargaming.

The main part of this webspace is the Story Archive which aims to be the beginning of a player-created and technology supported repository of knowledge and stories about the wargaming hobby.
Similarly to the fantastic Warhammer 40K Encyclopedia “Lexicanum“, the archive will be community-driven and will aim to hold and share all the information that the wargaming community appreciates, such as craft details and gameplay recounts. Unlike the Lexicanum, it will not necessarily contain information about the fictional universe of Warhammer 40K but instead focuses on hobbyist-contributed information about their own creations.

As time goes by, we aim to expand it’s capabilities, such enhancing it’s integration with the digital platforms that wargamers already use, like Facebook, twitter and Instagram, but also more applied technologies, such as Augmented Reality, Computer Vision and ‘Internet of Things’ technologies. We already have prototypes for Augmented Reality tabletop interaction, and gameplay data capture and are working hard to develop them further.

Lot’s of these will be demonstrated in the other main part of the project, our exhibits.

We are beginning with a a public exhibit in the National Videogame Arcade in Nottingham, that features a number of demonstrator prototypes that showcase aspects of the project and offer the public the opportunity to participate and contribute to the archive of Digital Footprints by adding records for their own miniature models.

Specifically the exhibit currently consists of a miniature display, or diorama, of miniatures from Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40,000 tabletop game. The diorama illustrates a scene inspired from the fictional background of the Warhammer setting. The diorama has Augmented Reality capabilities, meaning that visitors can use a mobile device to experience a digitally enhanced view of the diorama, thus gaining access to a multiple rich layers of information, including how it was made, who the characters are and what the backstory of the scene is all about.

Furthermore, visitors will be able to browse the Footprint Archive, through a virtual gallery that will display the 3D scans of models and characters that project participants and other visitors have contributed to the archive. Finally visitors are welcome to bring along their own miniature models and have them 3D scanned. They will be given access to the resulting images and 3D scans and will be invited to share as much information they want about their model, such as a short story or their favourite memory.

What can you do?

You can join our Facebook group where you can post and share your own content, whether it is models, stories, battle reports, painting tips or anything else related to the hobby and how you enjoy it.
Please visit one of our exhibits, and bring your miniatures along, where we will be happy to photograph them and create 3D models for you to use and share!